Meet Coach coco

Elite Choices is founded by Coach Coco aka Christine. For many years, Coco observed people drawn to her magnetic presence and empathetic personality. Whether a stranger or best friend, you could always find her surrounded by people sharing their stories. Coco loved that people were comfortable in her presence, but was distracted by her own struggles. Her purpose had not yet become clear.

Coco identifies as a THRIVER. She rebuilt herself after Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence which nearly ended her life. Coco vowed to love herself, find her purpose, live fully, and advocate for as many others as possible.

Once you decide to live "ON PURPOSE," you can't turn back. While her career in Marketing paid the bills, there was always something missing.  Coco invested in ICF certification to pursue coaching. And that brings us to today...

Coco is a certified life coach focused on empowering people to live their fullest lives. She has a passion for working with elite athletes, trainers, and coaches, as well as socially conscious entrepreneurs. 

We train the athlete not the whole person. We study business not the passion driving the entity. CAUTION: this mentality limits individual and team performance.  

Get results with Elite Choices. 

Unlock your power  with Coach Coco today.